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As you cross the border at the end of Interstate 5 and 805 and enter the city of Tijuana, within one half mile you will see a green sign with an arrow pointing down reading "Ensenada". Stay on this lane and follow the road, which turns left, you will be driving west along the border towards the ocean. At the bottom of a steep downhill, make a right following the sign reading "Ensenada". You will then have to pass through 3 toll booths: Tijuana, Rosarito and San Miguel, which is 6 miles from Ensenada. You can pay the toll either in pesos or U.S. currency and it is around $2.00 at each booth.


Once you cross this last booth, be sure to obey the posted speed limit, since you will be crossing an urban area. Keep on driving along the ocean. You will then arrive to an overpass from where you can see the Port. After about half a mile, and always following the road, you will be on an avenue, the Boulevard Costero. After the first traffic light, on the following stop sign, turn right one block and at the end of the street turn left on Av. de la Marina. Halfway down the block you will see our building on the right hand side. Baja Naval is next, North, of the monumental 120 ft flagpole in the plaza "Ventana al Mar", behind the "Plaza Cívica" (3 heads of National Heroes).


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