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Foreign Citizens


All foreign citizens entering México must have a Tourist Permit, issued by Immigration at a cost of $533.00 pesos. The permit is good for 180 days. It can be paid at any local Bank. We can assist you on getting one.


To obtain a Tourist Permit you must go to the immigration office inside the CIS (Centro Integral de Servicios) building in the port area. You will need your passport.


For those people arriving by land, a Tourist Permit can be obtained at the point of entry from the Mexican Immigration office at the border or here in Ensenada; Land entry FM-3 cannot be use as Maritime purpose.




Legal Stay of Pleasure Boats in Mexico


Regulations for legal stay of pleasure boats in México were simplified in 1996. Every boat arriving after June of 1996 must have a Temporary Importation Permit (Permiso de Importación Temporal) issued by the Mexican Customs (Aduana; part of Secretaría de Hacienda). This permit is good for 10 years and multiple entries. Baja Naval offers a document service for $60.00 dlls to process the permit with you. It is available in approximately in 40 min.


Alternatively you can purchase the permit with a minimum of 10 days prior of your arrival thru the web site and they will mail it to your address; the cost is only $60.00. You will need the following complete set of documents when you do it locally or at the port of entry (original and 2 copies) of the following:



1. Ownership document (Certificate of documentation, Certificate or Registry, Bill of sale, running letter, etc.)


2. Current boat insurance.


3. Arrival crew list. (Supplied by Baja Naval)


4. Passport.


5. Tourist Permit (supplied by the local Immigration authority up on arrival)



You will also need a note of the Serial number of the main engine(s).


Note: If the vessel is registered under a company name, the Captain and/or owner must have a notarized letter of authorization in order to proceed with all paperwork.


Please make sure that your boat is legally in our country. If you already have a Temporary Importation Permit, kindly let us have a copy so we can present it at Customs inspections of the yard. Failure to provide this information may cause the confiscation of your boat by the Mexican authorities.


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