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At Baja Naval we also have a strong commitment to our community. We participate with the local Economic Development Board in an effort to focus and provide a sense of strategy and long term planning to the government’s initiatives.


We support "Albergue San Vicente" which is a temporary shelter that offers free room and board, counseling, hygiene, dentist and general medicine. A formal Board made up of friends and family members manages the shelter; Catholic nuns and voluntary social workers run it. It focuses on the needs of migrant agricultural workers that move throughout Mexico following the crops. It also hosts people that arrive from the rest of Baja California in search of medical assistance, to visit relatives in jail or to arrange government paperwork in the city.


In education and research we host and participate in Matematiké, an association of teachers and business people that researches and promotes better teaching and learning methods of mathematics. We support kids from lower to high school to participate in state, national and international math competitions and Ensenada has now a disproportionate share of champions. These youngsters move on to excel in engineering, physics, chemistry and even music and philosophy. Our boat yards also provide summer jobs for some of these champions, which has proven very rewarding for both our business and the individuals involved.


In sports we are proud to say that Fernando Parra (Production Manager) is an Advisor of the Boy Scout Association here in Ensenada and on his free time is out and ready to take boys and girls out on their goodwill duties and learning. We support the Small Sailors program, headed by Cristina Sanchez. You will also witness the daily volley ball matches in our yard during part of the lunch break. Guillermo Sarabia (Customer Manager) is very involved with the Ensenada Yacht Club participating in events and regattas on board his own boat.


If you wish to learn more or collaborate with any of this projects, please let us know and we will assist you in making the appropriate contacts.


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