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Ensenada is a growing city with many amenities. From December to April you can see one of the largest mammal migrations even within the bay. The gray whales on their way to warmer waters and to give birth in Southern Baja California, pass through the nutrient-rich waters of Bahia de Todos Santos (Ensenada). It is truly an outstanding sight.


In the Spring Ensenada hosts several off road races and bike rides. Visitors are always drawn to our natural beauties and landscapes throughout the year in search of adventure or relaxation.


Ensenada is also famous for its wine country, tours are available through local travel agencies. In August, Ensenada and its wineries host what has become an international event as the haverst of the grape begins. Las Fiestas de la Vendimia (as the festivities are called in Spanish), are much awaited by locals and visitors that arrive from remote places to participate in a cultural festival with classical music, jazz, paella contests, gourmet meals, great wines and many more scheduled events throughout the three weeks of festivities.


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