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Payment terms


1.- Initial deposit of 25% is required on work estimated at $1,000.00.

2.- Full payment must be done before launching.

3.- Cash, cashier's check, traveler's checks or credit card (Visa, Mastercard) are required on your last payment.

4.- Any work that lasts longer than a week, requires weekly payment according to progress.

5.- When the rate is established on a per foot basis, it will be billed as such and not on a man/hour basis.

6.- A 3% month interest rate will apply to overdue balances.




1. On materials supplied by the owner there will be a handling fee charge of 10%, of our supplier price list.

2.- Baja Naval is not responsible for loses due to theft, fire or acts of God.

3.- Subcontractors or any unauthorized personnel are not allowed to work at our facilities.

4.- Owners must take back home left overs of materials supplied by them.

5.- The yard office must be notified when electricity is necessary for the boat.

6.- Customers must be present at launching or make prior arrangements with the yard office.

7.- Only yard personnel can move support stands or rudders ( There will be a $500.00 fine for any customer moving stands or rudders ).

8.- Usage of tools and equipment of Baja Naval by non employees is prohibited.

9.- No work under the waterline can be performed by owner or crew member.

10.- Depending on the type of work to be performed, BN will determine if liveaboard is permitted.

11.- In the water work will be subject to marina charges.


Lay days


1.- Weekend and holidays will be charged as lay days if the boat is subject to lay day charges.

2.- Boats waiting for parts will be charged for lay days.


Marina services


1.- Use of dock depends on availability

2.- Use of dock will be charged according to the current marina rates.

3.- Dock fee will be charged on whatever is larger, LOA or dock.

4.- Please refer to Marina policies.



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